A member of Xanga Investment and Development Group, Saigo Logistic Ltd. started its activity as the operator of the tri-modal logistics centre of Debrecen airport in 2014.

The services of Saigo Logistic Ltd. include road, rail, and air freight transport. The obvious advantage is given by the possibility of combining these three ways of transport (tri-modality).

Its fields of activity cover logistics services, e.g. central warehouse, container terminal (DAT), and prospective air cargo services.

Besides the above mentioned services, Saigo Logistic Ltd. also runs its own container freight train called ’Eastern Connect’, which connects the Eastern-Hungarian region to maritime ports.

We pride ourselves on being the first company in Europe to build a rail container terminal at an international airport.

Saigo Logistic Ltd. is not a freight forwarding company, it offers B2B multimodal services.